Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Team Challenge

Alas, this month we've had no entries to the challenge. Those who are members of the team will realise that it's been a month of bereavements and losses, so it's no wonder we're all a bit sad at present.

Instead of featuring challenge entries, I'm showing off some items that fit the Emerald challenge, made by team members. 

Emerald butterfly hairclips by katesCottageShop

Coin purse by thenosweatshop

Photographic print by AuntieDawn

Hand knitted scarf by zerrindusunceli

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Team Challenge for May 2012

Welcome to the latest Positivity Team Challenge!

All Positivity Team members can enter, as many times as you want to. The main aim is to have fun with our creativity, and just "LET RIP". Your kids can enter if they want to. You can make it a family entry or each child can enter as an individual. The only real aim os for everyone to have fun with it!

Once all entries have been submitted and displayed, Positivity Team members will be asked to vote on their choice for the winning entry. I'm afraid that only ONE vote per member will count. If you have more than one shop, you still only get to vote once.

The entry with the most votes wins. Simple!

There will be a SMALL prize for the winning entry. This prize will be of low value and selected to suit the age and location of the winner (I'm trying to keep postage costs down!). 

May Challenge - PHOTOGRAPHY

Theme - May's birthstone is the emerald which means love or success.

Your challenge is to take a photograph that symbolises May's birthstone and the symbolism of it to YOU personally.

Perhaps you want to concentrate on the meaning so you could take a photo of someone or someplace you love (please explain why the place is so special). Maybe you'd rather take a photo of grass blowing in the wind, concentrating on green, the colour of emeralds. It's all about your own personal interpretation and pretty much anything goes. Just have fun!

Photos are to be emailed to me no later than May 25th. I'll then put them on the blog and we can start voting. The winner will be announced at the end of May.

Email all entries, including your shop name, the name of each entry's photographer (if your kids have entered, I need their ages as well, to ensure the prize is suitable) and any other information you want to add, to: