Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday's Fancies {blustery Autumn days}

It seems that I can always count on Autumn to give me a few REALLY blustery days. In fact, this morning, I awoke to mounds of red and orange leaves strewn across our front yard. The thing is, we don't have any trees in our yard that have red or orange leaves!

Yesterday, I watched the wind create tiny leaf tornadoes and make leaves "rain" sideways, whilst I sat inside my kitchen with a cup of warm cocoa, staying mostly warm. The wind rattles our 120-year-old windows at night, rustles the leaves on the trees, howling and howling through them, and brought in dark, low clouds all day yesterday.

It's amazing to me that something quite invisible can have such power!

Today's Friday's Fancies are a tribute to that very underestimated force of nature . . . 

I just LOVE the motion and movement of all these wonderfully windy items! :)
{clockwise from top left}

Windy Recycled Paper Necklace by SugarbakerHepburn

Wishing you all a warm place and a clear window to watch the wind do its amazing work!

Fondly, Kate 

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    my Friday Fancies inspired by Kate!

  2. Perfect picks for a day like today (at least around here).

  3. Great picks Katie :) Here are mine


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