Thursday, 4 November 2010

And the Winner is . . .

Well, the October Team Contest has come to an end, and we have a winner!

Lynne from ClosetFull {winner of last month's contest} had a hard time choosing a winner from all the lovely entries! {In fact, she would have loved to have chosen them all and delegated a "committee" to choose this next month's theme} ;) 
However, Lynne has chosen . . . 

as the winner of the October Team Contest! 

In Lynne's own words, "It is so delicate and sweet and yet speaks of autumn." 

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Naomi from Historika!

Now it's Naomi's turn to come up with a Theme for November's Contest, and our turns to await anxiously! :)

Come back next Wednesday, November 10th, when we unveil Naomi's Theme!


  1. Congratulations Naomi!!! It's absolutely beautiful and I'm not remotely surprised that you won.

    can't wait to see what your theme will be as I'm hoping to actually enter something!

  2. How lovely! Congratulations, Naomi. :)


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