Friday, 4 February 2011

My Crafting Space - SusanWilliamsDesigns

Welcome to a new feature on our blog, where we take a sneaky peek around each other's crafting spaces, admiring the ingenuity required to fit all those supplies in, ooh-ing and aah-ing in envy at someone's marvelous space and taking off our hats to the creativity required to live and work in the same space.

What we want to show is how we REALLY work. No tidying up and straightening things. This is to be the real deal, and it's all the better for that. 

Our very first beautiful volunteer to let us into her work space is Susan, of Susanwilliamsdesigns. Susan is a regular on our forum, and makes the most amazing jewellery from guitar picks - take a look at her shop HERE.

Lets start off with Susan's crafting table.

She uses a revolving storage frame for beads and other small items, which is a
fantastic idea, especially when you have a lot of small items. I can think of many other
artists in our team who could find this suggestion very useful, myself included.

This station is mainly used for shipping, so Susan has all her boxes and slips organised and ready to go. The printer is also located close by, so that she can grab her order sheets and despatch notes as she goes.

A general desk for administration and keeping a close eye on Etsy for all those orders!

And there we have it, a speedy tour around Susan's bright studio. 

Now.......who's next?

I'll be emailing people to ask them to participate in this feature every so often, but if you'd like to volunteer to have yours on the blog, please get in touch with me either on the comments below or via an Etsy convo.


  1. Susan, your workspace is so organized!! Great use of space! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  2. Yes, I needed some inspiration to get myself organised, and I think that you have done the trick!! I like the different areas for different tasks. Very sensible!! :)

  3. wow so clean and orderly! Impressive

  4. Well, those pictures were taken after I cleaned it. That is not the norm and if I took pictures today, you would see how it really is! The room is BIG! 220 square feet. And the room is a constant work in progress. I'd like to re-do the closet to set up shelves or something.

    Thanks for featuring me and my craft room!

  5. Wow Susan,

    Amazingly organized!

  6. very studio is scattered amongst 4 rooms now...its nuts. argh. Nice job Susan!

  7. Susan, GREAT workspace!!! I've only a tiny nook and would do ANYTHING for a nice big room like this! So nice to see the separate spaces! LOTS of great organizational ideas!

    Thanks so much for giving us a sneak peek!!! :)


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