Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday Fancies

All items on this weeks Friday Fancies were found on Etsy using the search words "Secret Garden". I love the whimsy and feel of all these beautiful and unique items!

Enjoy! - Nickole, HardLoveApparel

1. This "Secret Garden Key" necklace by CosmicGirl is the perfect touch to the Secret Garden inspired theme! I can just imagine this is the key that opens the Secret Garden!

2. "Secret Garden" is exquisite and is the essence of the Secret Garden! Photograph from WhereIGo.

3. This dollhouse miniature is a stunning example of whimsy and imagination! "Midnight in the Secret Garden" is a fabulous construction by dragonscaleminis.

4. This photograph is the finishing touch to my Secret Garden theme! Beautifully taken by KClarkPhotography.


  1. Gorgeous! These make me want to go read a good book in a beautiful, quiet garden.

  2. A real pick me up. It's raining today and I just got a dose of sunshine.

  3. ooohhhh, I want to go while away some time in a secret garden!!! LOVELY, LOVELY picks, Nickole!!!!

  4. Thanks ladies! There were so many goodies to choose from! "The Secret Garden" was one of my favorite books when I was younger :)


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