Saturday, 15 May 2010

Yahoo Forum - you're all invited!

All members have been emailed an invitation to this new online forum. There are two who haven't - AmcPoelmanDesign and scenicnewyork. Unfortunately Yahoo refused to send invitations to you both due to the "info" and "questions" leader on your email addresses. If you would both supply an alternative email to me I'll get it sorted.


Now - what's this forum all about?
Whilst this is definitely NOT intended to replace the monthly post on the Etsy forum, we understand that people's comments and questions can get lost in the crowd, particularly at busy times.
Feel free to post pretty much anything you want on this board - Etsy or not.
It will be YOUR forum.
You can use it to keep in touch with Positivity Team friends, exchange recipes, talk about favourite tv shows. Anything you want.
All we ask is that you keep to a few simple "rules", listed on the very first post.

Other than that, enjoy!


Click to join positivityteam

Click to join positivityteam

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