Monday, 10 January 2011

Living just that little bit more...

"The  sun  won't  shine  until  you  put  the  umbrella  away.   Be  free."                               Anon.

                                                                Dancing in the Rain by YepltsPaper

Being free reminds me of a child's way of living each day as THE most important day EVER!!!  Do you remember that feeling? Getting to the top of a hill on your bike, ready to fly down the other side; lifting your arms up and out, and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! 

LIVING, ENJOYING, and LOVING each fresh day!

As adults we forget that feeling, and I think that it is a real shame. 

So today, try it. Turn the music up high, dance .... slide down the bannister .... or, if it's raining, put down your umbrella, put your face to the sky, and get wet!!!!  Forget you're an adult, and ... splash in the BIG puddles!!!!

Perhaps that sun might just appear, shine down on you, and... who knows what might happen??!!

A joyful Monday to all! :)


  1. Too true!! Time to forget adult "dignity"!! xx

  2. LOVE this, Naomi!!! What an inspiration to really live life to the fullest! I will practice this more in my life as I know true happiness comes from living in each moment! :)

  3. Naomi,
    This is just WONDERFUL!!!

    I am taking a deep breath and smiling and going to play in the snow!


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