Thursday, 19 May 2011

Do a Good Deed Week!

In the spirit of promoting goodness, selflessness, and POSITIVITY, here's our  
"Do a Good Deed Week Challenge"
This week's challenge is one that is very near and dear to my heart. When I was a growing up, I loved visiting my grandpa. We were able to see him about once a month until we moved away from the area; then it became once a year. Our special treat every time we visited was for him to take us somewhere special. Every place we visited there was one special saying he said to the 'workers'..whether they were the servers, cashiers, or store employees he said one simple saying that has stuck with me throughout adulthood..
"Thank you. I'm glad you came to work today!"

This may seem a little corny, but in EVERY instance the employee was taken back and there was an instant smile on their face. He said this saying to everyone he met that helped us in any way. It was a way to show appreciation to someone that, most likely, doesn't here a thank you very often. It always put a smile to their face and made them feel GOOD :)

SO, your 'challenge' this week is to tell your local grocery store cashier, restaurant server, or toll booth worker "Thank you. I'm glad you came to work today!" Look for a great reaction, because making someone feel appreciated when so many feel under-appreciated is a wonderful thing!!

 Come back and post your story! Or if you have other good deeds you want to share, please share those too! :)
Although he's not with us now, it's something that I will never forget. I hope this inspired you to make someone feel good!!
XO! Nickole 

(Thankful fabric banner by simplewhimsey)


  1. Nickole, what a GREAT challenge!!! Can't wait to thank people all this next week!!! :) What a great legacy your grandpa made for you!

    XO!, Kate

  2. Oh I love this story. Your grandpa was a good men, thinking about other people in that way. It is very inspiring. It wouldn't work quite the same in French but I'll think about it, and look forward to for next week's stories! Thanks Nickole :)

  3. Nickole, what a wonderful grandpa you had! I shall certainly be working on this challenge this coming week!

    It was such a lovely, heart warming story to read! :)


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