Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Time for a Treasury Challenge!!

                     If you could be anyone for one day......

As a great lover of history, the individuals that shape its path are a real fascination to me. In a moment of day dreaming, I began to wonder what it must have been like to be in one of those person's shoes; even just for a day.

So this month's challenge is to create a treasury based on one individual (now or possibly in the past), whose day you would have loved to have been able to experience.  It might be your favourite musician, a hero of yours, or even a fictional character. The possibilities are endless!! 

Here are a few items linked with a person that I would simply love to have been for a few hours - Audrey Hepburn, in 1953, filming 'Roman Holiday' in Italy.  What an incredible time she must have had!!

  Clockwise from top left: Rome, Summer Nights Print by Art by Tarler
       The Cinematographer by YdnarImaging
       1950s Oxblood Samsonite Suitcase by fun with puns 
       1950s Evening Dress Pattern by savage spider

What will yours be?!

Have fun!


  1. This is definitely a "challenge" .... Got to get my thinking cap on!

  2. Naomi, what a great idea!


Thank you for your comment.