Thursday, 31 March 2011

Do a Good Deed Week! :)

Recently, whilst browsing through the forums on Etsy, I came across a story of a jewelry maker who would carry around extra pairs of earrings in her purse. When she'd see a young mother struggling with several children, all frazzled, or a woman with a downcast look on her face, she'd pull out a pair of her earrings to give to them as a gift. In every instance, the women's eyes lit up with happiness and gratitude.

In the spirit of promoting goodness, selflessness, and POSITIVITY,
this story leads me to introduce our newest blog feature: 


{pay it forward brass pendant by Firefall Visions}

For the next week, we encourage team members to do a good deed every day.

This needn't be anything extraordinarily big {but certainly can be if you are so inclined}.

Some ideas are:

* pick up trash along the side of the road *
* visit someone you know who might be down or in need of some company *
* volunteer in your community *
* sing, read, or play with your children, nieces & nephews, or friends' children *
* take time to tell someone three things you admire about them *
* do something no one will expect . . . secretly *
* lend a shoulder to cry on *
* smile *
* send a cheerful email to a friend or acquaintance *

Just think how much nicer the world would be if everyone did at least one good deed every day. :)

If, along the way, you've had a great experience and want to share it, come on back and leave a post. If you've done something anonymously, and just want to say, "hey, I've done a good deed!" come on back and say so! :)

{disclaimer: I am, of course, in no way saying that we all don't do good deeds every day, as I'm SURE we all do. Sometimes it's nice to have it in the forefront of our minds and make a plan to 'pay it forward' as sometimes this leads to more opportunities for enriching others' lives! :)}

Fondly, Kate


  1. Kate, this is such a positive post! Thanks - it will be so encouraging to read what others say - even if they just underscore that they are doing good deeds.

  2. Love this, thank you for the reminder to think of others first, and spread a little sunshine :)

  3. Thanks for this Kate!!

    I will do my best tomorrow to make the day great for someone else, too!! :)

  4. I luv this post ! But I honestly try to live every day of my life this way (as I know that every good deed I pass forward will meet up with me in the long run )as long as I am here!I don't think any of these experiences are greater than the others.... When I am in a bad mood..the way I get out of it is to try and make at least 2 people smile <3 !! It works every time!
    Kate is soooo right with this thought...
    doing good positive things for others will indeed only bring more "Positivity" to your world!!! Thanks Kate! Reading this post has made me smile :)

  5. Yes thanks Kate. Just reading this makes ones day lighter and brighter. I feel like Spanky about living this way too, and I bet you do too!!!

  6. Kate, This is wonderful. I think we are all probably pretty like-minded in making this a regular part of our lives, but the reminder certainly doesn't hurt. Thanks!

  7. I find it so rewarding to brighten someone's day and it usually doesn't take much. Small gestures mean a lot. Thanks for the reminder.


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