Friday, 18 March 2011

Team Contest . . . And the Winner is . . .

A HUGE thank you to ALL who participated in our Monthly Team Contest! :) We had SO MANY wonderful entries! In fact, Susan had a hard time choosing a winner!

However, she did make a decision!

In her own words:
I chose "Ice Bubbles in a ray of sunshine" by UnaPhoto. This photograph is outstanding. I really think the way the picture shows the ice is so cool. This might be because I live in Florida and don't experience snow and ice, but even so, I love the photograph.

Congratulations, UnaPhoto!!! :)

You'll be the judge of our next contest! :)


  1. Thank you a lot :) I'm very happy about this. About the fact, that someone shares my winter-love.

  2. BEAUTIFUL photography!! Well Done! :)

  3. Brilliant, it is well deserved ;)


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