Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Do A Good Deed Week

It's 'Do A Good Deed' time again! ((Not of course that we don't ALWAYS do some sort of good deed!))

This week's theme is to do a good deed by paying it forward 'Etsy Style'! Pick an item from someones shop that's on the Positivity Team and PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE their item as much as you can. Make sure that if one of your items is 'picked' pay it forward by helping another fellow team member to promote their item!

Here's my first pay it forward:
Turquoise Teardrop Howlite Necklace from bluegiraffeshop

Feel free to post on the team thread and on this blog post! Excited to see everyone's picks :)

xo Nickole


  1. Wow thanks Nickole!

    I picked

    And I think I have an idea for my next blog. More when it's done!


  2. I picked

    GREAT idea Nickole!

  3. Rainy days picks inspired by Sheshanna's bibs

  4. Claire that is sooo cool thank you soo much! What a cool blog post!!!

    I wanted to mention Lynne's interesting looking cookbook, all dessert receipes, so would be perfect for most women :)


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