Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Time for Treasury Challenge!!


                                A Trip Down Memory Lane...

I was a child of the '80s. When I think of my childhood now, there are many aspects of it which I have continued to love. The 1980s introduced me to jumper dresses, (I still LOVE those, even if I am a little too old to wear them!!), corduroy, leg warmers, Winnie The Pooh  (the funniest books EVER written, in my opinion!!), deely boppers, Five Star and New Kids on the Block (ahem!)

There are also quite a few things which I will happily never re-visit, these include Cabbage Patch Dolls (scary), school, purple (I don't know what I have against this colour, but really don't like it), and being forced to wear the same style of identical blue coat that my sisters also wore (at the same time!!)

Having a wander through etsy's '1980s vintage' section brought back so many memories, both good and bad!! :)

So, the challenge this week is to pop your childhood era into the vintage section, and have some fun!!! 

with love,


  1. Oh help you have opened a real can of worms Naomi.....I'm a touch older than you so the 80's for me were about wearing BIG scrunched, crispy hair, that was dyed red, lots and lots of blue and green and bright pink eyeshadow, bright, multicoloured tights, a different colour of polish on each nail, fishnet tights over bright blue ones. And that was just to school, to make ourselves "fashionable" whilst still fitting into the uniform dress code! Otherwise it was pale blue balloon leg high waisted denims, fishnet vests over coloured vests, lots of plastic bangles, bright coloured hair scrunchie.....the list of crimes goes on and on.

    I'm not sure I can bear to relive it with a treasury. I may end up having nightmares.

  2. This looks like lots of fun!
    It will take some thinking...

  3. Lois that's hilarious! Any pictures that you could share with us of those sweet days? x

  4. Sheshanna, you are a cruel woman lol.

    I may be persuaded to look a few out for my ritual humiliation..... they'll be at Mums!

  5. think Bananarama and you're nearly there!!


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