Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday's Fancies - feeling fruity!

Peaches and apricots are piled high at the greengrocers, glowing like little candles. The sweet scent of baskets of ripe strawberries wafts over the market. A lusciously ripe mango, dripping with juice, fills the air with sweetness. Heady, claret coloured raspberries glow like stained glass, while currant bushes are swathed and garnished with tiny red and black jewels that hang in heavy clusters to the ground.

Start the day with delicious strawberry-jam-and-sweet-vanilla-cream soap from solsticescents.

That's the outfit chosen. Now the accessories...hmmm. How about this? fruit-tart pendant from PetitPlat?

Now for a bit of crafting and I've got just the wool to work with. This yummy looking fruit-cup merino/tussah silk blend from CorgiHillFarm is just what I want! 

A new piece of inspirational photography for my mood wall - luscious cherry photograph  from sixthandmain will add a splash of colour to my day.

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  1. aaaw what a great team!
    I love fruit!
    Thanks for adding me in this lovely feature :)


  2. Done my personal Friday's Fancies (yes I know, it means I've done two, but I'm greedy!).

    Anyone else doing one?


  3. Oh my goodness, those all look amazing. I thought that was a real fruit tart at first!


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