Monday, 21 June 2010

Positive quote - shoot for the moon

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss
you will land among the stars.

Les Brown

What are limitations? Why do we apply them?
Do we apply them to ourselves, or are
they applied TO us by others?

How many of us left school feeling like a failure,
having been told that we're stupid by one or
more teachers? How many were humiliated over
their inability to understand whatever concept the
teacher was unable to explain properly?

I know I was.

Who has the right to tell you that you're a failure?
Why do we allow others to say that we can't possibly
be a success in what we do? Why do we believe them?
Why do we still believe them, years and years later?

By aiming high, we are empowered.
We choose to make the best of everything.

We know that we ARE worth it.
We believe in ourselves.

About the selected item
As soon as I saw this beautiful print, shine by AlisaPaints, I knew it was perfect for my quotation. I love the image of the little girl staring past the barbed wire fence towards the distant stars, and can feel her yearning for freedom. Isn't it absolutely beautiful?


  1. Wendy (Bags Of a Feather)21 June 2010 at 10:32

    Great quote and picture! A perfect way to get inspired on a Monday morning.

  2. This is a great quote! So true :) Thanks for sharing Lois!

  3. I LOVE this quote! It is so true, I sometimes realize that the limitations I feel are not real, but are only created by me! You are so right, Lois, we need to push beyond those limitations and experience that freedom!

    This print is so beautiful and fitting!

    Thanks for another GREAT quote! :)

  4. Great quote and illustration.
    The only people who can make us feel like we are a failure are the ones we allow to. As long as we keep trying we never really fail. Don't forget that little engine.


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