Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday Positive Quote

Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? ~Dennis and Wendy Mannering

I think this quote says it all....I always try to stay positive not only for myself, but because I know that my attitude affects the people around me...and I want my attitude to be worth catching! :)

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  1. This is SO true! I've learned not to, but I used to be affected when other people were in bad moods. In fact, I think "affected" should really be changed to "infected".

    I just laugh at them now.

  2. This is the truest comment I have heard in a long time. I find that the image you portray and the attitude you set forth affects others. I find when I am in contact with a person in a lousy mood, my consistency in being positive, in the long run, affects them in a positive way as well.

  3. What a GREAT quote, Nickole!!! SO, SO true!!! It reminds me of the saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". We really do set the tone for our homes, and can affect everyone we meet! Hopefully for the better!

    I'm putting on my smiley face right now! :)


  4. What a beautiful picture! And a great quote to keep in mind too!

  5. This is totally true! :)) "Be the change, that you want to see in the world!!" Go positive and the World will smile at you!


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