Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday Fancies - Good Books

I LOVE reading! I am usually an avid reader in the mystery genre, but these precious books and journals caught my eye! :)

This week's Friday Fancies is all about books and journals found by typing 'books' into the Etsy search engine. What will you find?!Retro Girl Vintage Journal by VintageScraps

HandMade Vintage Journal - Things To Make by itsalljustmenagerie

Hand Bond Journal/Sketchbook - Alice and Rose
by undercoverst

Vintage Children's Book - Mother Goose 1905 Edition by AtomicMob


  1. very pretty today. I love to read and have a house packed with books. My self imposed challenge is to read a classic every summer. This year it is Robinson Crusoe, apparently the first 'novel' published. Last year was Silas Marner, It dos't matter what classic...if I pick up a paperback for 5cents at a garage sale that fine.

  2. fabrique--That is a FANTASTIC idea!! I'm am going to start that! I bet we have all 'heard of' the classics but how many of us has actually read them?!


  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Things to Make and Do book! All the books look great!

  4. I love reading too!! Thanks for featuring my journal here!

  5. wow that Mother Goose book looks so old and interesting! There is an urban legend that she is buried in a cemetery near where I live, but apparently it's another Mother Goose :)

  6. This is such a nice surprise! I love them all!


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