Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Positivity Team Member Features

Birthdays have always been the most celebrated day of the year in my family. Growing up, I always new it was a day of your favorite foods and CAKE! :) It was always a day that just made you feel special!

This week is a big birthday week in our family; my Aunt's birthday was Monday, my Hubby's was Tuesday, and I share a birthday today with my late Great-Grandmother. So, in honor of all the birthdays in my family and yours here are great items for a 'birthday themed' treasury all with items made by our AWESOME Positivity Team members!

Enjoy! xo Nickole

Vintage Happy Birthday Gift Tag by BenandJess
Birthday Cupcake Pendant by wickedlymodpendants
Antique Collectible Vintage Postcards by spankyluvsvintage
Party Flash Poloroid Camera by valnorthwoods


  1. Happy Birthday Nickole, and Great-Grandmother!


  2. Great finds, happy birthday everyone!

  3. Happy birthday ! Nickole to you and your family and everyone else who is celebrating birthdays this week :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I just love birthdays especially the cake - yummy.

    Thanks for choosing my happy birthday gift tag.

    Tracey Jane.

  5. Yay for birthdays!!!! GREAT picks, Nickole!!! What talented Etsians we have on our team!!!


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