Friday, 9 July 2010

Team Contest . . . And the Winner is . . .

We've had SO MANY absolutely GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE submissions from 10 of our FANTASTIC members!!!

We administrators have had more than a difficult time choosing ONLY one winner for this contest as each entry has conveyed the monthly theme of FLOWERS so beautifully!!!

What an absolutely wonderful, POSITIVE garden we have created! 

{All members who have submitted or even thought of submitting should be patting themselves on the back right now!}

We have, however, HAD to choose a winner, as we promised to do so at the beginning of this contest, and so . . . 

The winner is . . . 

Congratulations, Sheshanna from Piece Unique!

Sheshanna will have a few days to come up with July's Contest Theme, which will be posted next Wednesday, July 14th . . . she will also be the judge for the Contest. :)

Come back next Wednesday to find out what the theme will be, and ready to start creating!

You can also check in the monthly forum thread on Etsy for updates:

Have a lovely evening and start getting ready for the Friday's Fancies tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations Sheshanna! May your garden keep blooming.

  2. Hi Sheshanna, Congratulations. You flower makes me want to go outside and smell the roses! Tracey Jane.


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