Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday's Fancies - Love All

Even though there's a soccer World Cup going on, there's something even
more important happening here in the UK (for tennis fans, at least).

So, we're in the throes of Wimbledon mania here in the UK.  We have
a Scottish player doing quite well (Andy Murray fever is reaching new
heights, even as I write) and it's all about centre court, the game and, of
course, the strawberries!

Stitch markers by fripperiesnbibelots

Soft stuffed strawberries by aebaby

Wimbledon earbud cosy from WonkyGiraffe

Tennis love zippered pouch by rachelwhelton

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  1. Here's mine: {Patriotism Through and Through}

  2. Cute Lois! I love to watch tennis :)

    And Kate, LOVE the patriotic features! Have a Happy 4th :)

  3. Love the strawberries. Its making me wish that summer was here! We are having a cold 15 degree day today perfect for indoors, drinking tea and crafting. Tracey Jane.


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