Friday, 16 July 2010

If you don't have a blog, you can still join in!

Did you know that you can contribute to the Friday's Fancies feature, even if you don't have a blog?

The principle is basically the same, you just need to put the "collection" you've assembled somewhere online where we can all look at it.

The ideal location is a photo sharing site, such as Flickr. I've tested this tonight and am delighted that it works perfectly. It's quick and easy to do. I presume that all photo sharing sites will work, although Flickr is the only one I've tested.
  1. Create your mosaic using this magic wee programme ( and save it to your hard drive.
  2. Open your Flickr account (or whatever photo sharing site you prefer) and upload your saved file onto your "page" there.
  3. Add details to the text box, such as what items you've chosen and the name of the shops they're from - and save.
  4. All you then have to do is add a link to that particular "photo" in your collection to the list shown on the team voila!
I really hope that this will encourage some without blogs to participate in this, as it's a lot of fun looking at other people's collections!


  1. Bluebell...I do want to join...I am so g.......m busy at the moment I can't think straight....give me a few weeks...Jan

  2. Oh thanks for the tip! I have a blog but I haven't used it for this yet, I may try this idea instead.

  3. Bluebell, Thanks so much for this great tutorial!!! What a great way for anyone to participate in the Friday's Fancies Feature!!!

  4. Bluebell, I have joined the site in an attempt to create a fridays fancies mosaic, however, I do not understand if I can only take the pics from Etsy shops or if I have to take them from the shops listed on the site. Please help.

  5. The idea of Friday's Fancies is we choose items from Etsy shops. It's a little bit of promotion for the items and shops we love.

    All you're using Flickr for (if that's what you're asking about) is as a location to STORE your little mosaic of items, so we can all see it. You then add a link to the Friday's Fancies posts, directing other people straight to THAT particular mosaic image.

    Hope this answers your question - if not you can email me direct if you want ( and we can sort it out between us!


  6. Actually, my problem is that when i go onto the mosaic making website you posted, it gives lists of shops to choose from...Am I supposed to type in a url somewhere for the etsy shop i want to feature? That is where the confusion comes in. Is Etsy already listed on that site or do i enter the urls myself?

    Please advise.

    Thannk you.

  7. Ah, now I think I understand the problem.

    Open the mosaic maker programme. Ensure that for the instruction "Choose how you would like to select your images", you've selected "individually".

    Open another tab on your web browser and open Etsy through it.

    Find the four items you want to include on your Friday's Fancies mosaic.

    On the first one, double click on the image you like. It will open up as a separate window. At the top, there will be a filename ending in .jpg

    Copy this line of text.

    Go back to Mosaic maker. Where it says "Choose your photos" and has the four empty photo frames, paste this line of text into the space under "or enter URL".

    Do this for each of your four items, then click on the big blue "create" button.

    Your mosaic should appear after a moment or two, then you can save it to your hard drive. From there you copy it to your flickr (or other photo sharing website) account. Once it's there, you need to copy the link to that particular image in your collection and add it to the Friday's Fancies post, so we can see your selections.

    It's exactly the same as if you had posted to your blog if you had one, except that the image is located somewhere else online.

    Does this help?



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